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—  Entrées  —

Modern dishes that capture the flavors of the season. Made to share



—  Seabass —
Pan fried sea bass, sauté wheat, beurre blanc
sauce and grilled zucchinis

—  Citrus beaked salmon —
Quinoa, green beans, soya dressing

—  Tuna steak  —
Rucola, parmesan, warm potato salad

—  Crispy calamary —
Crispy squid, fresh cut fries, lemon garlic mayo

Pasta and Risotto

— Linguine with mussels and prawns with bisque —

— Pappardelle with octopus Bolognese
and fava bechamel —


—  Beef burger —
220 grams Angus beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato,
caramelized onions and fries

—  Chicken souvlaki  —
Marinated chicken, fresh cut fries, grilled veggies,
pitta, yogurt dip and side salad

— Iberico chops —
Grill Iberico chops, baby aromatic potatoes, roast
beetroots and green salad 

—  Steak fillet —
Australian green fed fillet, aromatic potatoes,
glazed vegetables and bearnaise sauce 


— Greek Salad —
Tomato, cucumber, fetta mouse, olives, capers,
onion, olive oil vinaigrette

— Quinoa salad —
Red and white quinoa, carrot, coriander, mint,
goji berries, pomegranates, cucumber, avocado,
crispy tortilla chips, soy citrus vinaigrette

Sharing Plates

—  Wine mussels —
Fresh Greek mussels, leek with herb butter

—  Octopus dolma —
Octopus cooked in red wine, wrapped in vine
leaves, fava and fetta cream

—  Cuttlefish stew —
Cuttlefish stew with caramelized onions in
aromatic milk buns

—  Crispy fish —
Fish fillet in sourdough crust and eggplant salad

—  Grill octopus —
Fava cream and crispy cappers, parsley oil

—  Prawns saganaki —
Prawns, feta cheese, bisque tomαto, grill

—  Crispy Calamari —
Crispy calamari withlemon garlic mayo

—  Grill prawns —
Aromatic prawns, herb quinoa, parsley oil

—  Octupus carpaccio —
Arugula, coriander oil, fava


—  SUSHI  —

Sushi Rolls / Makimono

—  Nava Signature Roll (8 pcs)—
Crab, cream cheese, avocado, topped with fresh salmon, wasabi mayonnaise and homemade teriyaki sauce

— California (8 pcs) —
Crab, avocado, cucumber, flying fish roe and sesame seeds

—  Dynamite Roll (8 pcs) —
Φinely chopped fresh tuna, scallions, chili oil, chili flakes

—  Dragon Roll (8 pcs) —
prawn tempura, eel barbeque, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce

—  Spider roll (6 pieces)—
Crispy softshell crab, avocado, scallions, cucumber, spicy mayonnaise and teriyaki

—  Spicy crunchy Salmon (8 pcs) —
Finely chopped fresh salmon, chili flakes, chili oil, chives, avocado, cream cheese and miso sauce

—  Vegetarian roll (8 pcs) —
Inari (sweet tofu), cucumber, japanese pickled radish, avocado and sesame seeds


—  Noodle wakame salad —
Rice noodles, wakame, carrot, cucumber


—  Salmon tartar —
Avocado, tobiko, sour cream

Sushi Sharing / Omakase

—  Chefs Sashimi —
Mix slices of fresh raw fish
Tuna, salmon, sea bass

—  Mix Sushi Rolls —
Spider roll, prawn tempura roll, California roll,
Dragon roll

Sashimi (5 slices)

—  Tuna/Maguro —
—  Salmon/shake—
—  Sea bass/suzuki  —